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Benefits Table

AIB Holiday Travel Insurance

The following table shows a comparative summary of the main benefits provided.

Important Notes

  1. Premiums include a 5% Government levy and a €1 euro stamp duty.
  2. For each person insured an excess of €65 per section is deducted from each claim under sections marked with an asterisk *.
  3. The information below is a summary of cover. Full cover details are ONLY provided in the Policy Wording.
Key Benefit Key Exclusion Maximum Payable Excess per person
Pre-existing conditions or travelling against
the advice of a doctor
Unlimited €65
Cancellation Illness or death of anyone not insured under the policy if You, or any other Person Insured, were aware of any reason, either at the time a Holiday was booked or at the time You purchased this Policy, why that Holiday might have to be cancelled €3,000 €65
€1,500 (Limit for any one item - €250; limit for set of golf clubs - €250; total payable for all Valuables - €250.) €1,500 €65
if death, loss or disability is Due To disease or any physical defect, injury or illness which existed before the Holiday €30,000 Nil
Lost/Stolen Money (per person) If police report/hotel management report is not provided to verify loss/theft of money €500 €65
Baggage Delay Must be a minimum of 12 hours after arriving at your destination €100 Nil
Travel Delay Must be delayed for at least 12 hours on the outbound or return journey €150 Nil
Missed Departure If You do not produce original written evidence from the operators of the transport service for the length and reason for the delay €500 €65
Hospital Benefit If the institution is not recognised as a hospital in the country of treatment €500 Nil
Loss of Passport/Driving Licence Expenses If the loss or theft is not reported to the local Police within 24 hours of discovery €500 Nil
Hijack €500 Nil
Personal Liability Any criminal or wilful act €2,500,000 Nil
Overseas Legal Expenses Any criminal or wilful act €30,000 Nil
Pet Care Any Holiday in Ireland €150 Nil
Winter Sports (only covered if shown in the Policy Schedule) Participation in competitive Winter Sports Up to €300 Nil